What Really makes an Item or Piece of Clothing … Heirloom?

An heirloom item is normally something of value that has been passed down from generation to generation.  This could include such things are your great grandmother’s broach, your grandfather’s pocket watch, or your great-grandmother’s christening dress.

There are also “heirloom styles” of clothing or accessories that you can find in unexpected places.  These items may actually be new, but made to look like something your grandmother or great-grandmother might have worn or owned.  I have been finding this heirloom look showing up in the most amazing places.

I was in a hotel boutique shop a few months ago when I came across lacy boot toppers.  What is a lacy boot topper, you rightfully ask??  It is a simple, beautiful six-inch band of very delicate stretchy lace that was sewn together on the ends to make a tube that you pull up so that it show above the top of your boots. With this little item, you have pretty lace showing all the time when wearing boots and shorter skirts, or the lace will peek out when you cross your legs with longer skirts.

You can pay $19.95 in a boutique shop for this sweet little item, order them on-line, or you could save some money with your sewing machine and a small amount of beautiful stretchy lace.  To make your own lace boot toppers — use these easy instructions found in this blog:


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