Redesigned Website!!

I am SO excited to share our new website with you! We have totally redesigned the site to make it easier for you to find and view all our designs. We also added a zoom feature that allows you to view close-ups of each item – to see all those special details.

Many of you have asked for less formal christening outfits and gowns. We took those suggestions to heart and added outfits that can be worn not only for the christening and naming ceremonies, but also to dress up your precious little one for a special visit with Grammy and Grandpa. We also have listed our bonnets separately, so you can purchase just the perfect bonnet to top off an existing outfit.

You can find new heirloom pillows perfect for Mother’s Day, Grandma’s birthday, or the Newlyweds on your gift list. Take a few moments to check all elements of the new Heirloom Memories site — I think you will like what we have done.

And finally — to make it easy to move between my website and blog, both are now accessed with the same URL: Please update your address book.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated; please give me your thoughts about what we have done!

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