Heirloom Techniques & Materials

Heirloom Memories boys’ and girls’ christening outfits and heirloom clothing are not made in a factory. These exquisite garments are sewn by hand in your choice of material, as if your own mother or grandmother were making them for you. Heirloom Memories heirloom outfits are designed with preservation in mind. You can create a tradition in your family with an heirloom outfit that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Our laces, embroidery inserts and edging are unique and often one-of-a-kind. The intent of the photos on our website is to represent the quality and beauty of our product line. Based on availability, the materials shown here may vary slightly from those used on your finished garments.

Only Natural Materials

Heirloom Memories strives to use only natural fabrics and materials in the construction of your heirloom outfit. The ribbons, and lace trims are primarily silk and cotton. Mother-of-pearl buttons grace the garments for closures and accents. To help you decide on your favorite fabric, here are some tips on the most widely used materials for our heirloom outfit, such as silk dupioni, handkerchief linen or batiste cotton.

  • Silk dupioni is a luxurious, reversible silk fabric with a tight, plain weave.  Dupioni means “double” and gets its name when two or more silk worms spin their cocoons too close together.  This extra silk produces a rough and uneven filament (or slub) in the surface of the fabric, when woven with fine warp yarns.
  • Handkerchief linen is a natural fabric made from flax.  It is a very fine and light weight linen, sometimes to the point of being transparent.  It has a plain weave and is delicate and smooth to the touch.
  • Cotton batiste is a very sheer, delicate and light-weight fabric used in baby clothes, lingerie and handkerchiefs.  It is very soft to the touch. It flows and drapes beautifully in long skirts.
  • Cotton Sateen is a soft, finely woven fabric, with a silky sheen on one side of the fabric.  It is a very strong and durable fabric, yet elegant in design and touch.

Please Note:  The christening outfits in Silk dupioni, handkerchief linen, cotton batiste and cotton sateen are NOT suitable for infant sleepwear.