Sizing Guidelines

How do I know what size I need for my new baby?

The dresses and outfits are usually offered in sizes 3-6 months, 6-9 months, or 9-12 months. Refer to the sizes offered with the garment you select, or call us and we can help you determine the right size for your new baby.

Here are some examples of sizing measurements to use as a guide.

3-6 months:
Height: up to 24 inches
Weight: up to 16 pounds
Chest: up to 19 inches
Neck: up to 9 inches
Booties: 4 inches

6-9 months:
Height: up to 28 inches
Weight: up to 20 pounds
Chest: up to 20 inches
Neck: up to 9.5 inches
Booties: 4.125 inches

9-12 months:
Height: up to 30 inches
Weight: up to 24 pounds
Chest: up to 21 inches
Neck: up to 9.75 inches
Booties: 4.5 inches