Overall Heirloom Sewing Technique

Each garment we produce is created especially for you, with your recipient in mind. At your request, we will personalize your heirloom outfit with your baby’s initials or name. We add this special feature, just for you from Heirloom Memories.

Heirloom sewing techniques make our outfits and christening dresses special.

Inlay is a process of inserting an element into a garment.  It might be an inlay of lace, embroidery, silk ribbon, or entredeux (double entry).  The inlay creates a new texture and surface of the main fabric, to add interest and form.

Overlay adds an element to a garment on top of the main outfit or gown.  This might be an overlay of lace, a second color of fabric or an entire section of the garment, such as a vest that is “overlayed” on the garment, yet sewn in the same seams as the rest of the garment top.

Hand-stitching is sewn with a needle and thread, by hand, not machine.  Hand stitching takes more time, but it adds an element of elegance and attention to detail that is not always possible with machine stitching.

Ribbon weaving is accomplished by weaving silk satin ribbons through spaces or gaps that are an intended part of the material used in the design of the garment. These spaces or gaps are called “bridging”.

Much as you would thread a needle with thread, you thread silk ribbon through a special needle and weave it through the spaces in the bridging.

Weaving is just as it sounds. Thread, yarn, or ribbon are interlaced through various other elements of the garment, such as fabric, lace, bridging, ribbon, or yarn to create a new fabric or surface.

Pintucks are narrow, ornamental folds stitched into the fabric to add texture and accents.

They can be hand stitched or machine stitched, in matching or accent threads.

Picot edging is a series of small, embroidered loops forming an ornamental edging on ribbon, lace, or fabric traditionally attached to the edge of collars, cuffs, or hems.

At Heirloom Memories, our goal is to create items that will live on for many generations to come.  We hope to bring joy to you, the proud parents and grandparents, as well as all those who are privileged to attend the wedding or christening ceremony.